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Quality Loft Conversions

The Hindle Partnership Ltd. design and construct quality loft conversions across West London. Because we are specialists, with 18 years experience, and a passion for lofts we offer:


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Why people choose The Hindle Partnership for their loft conversion?

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Polite and Conscientious
  • You get what you want and can afford - we offer advice but never lead you towards something that is not required.
  • We are specialists, with 18 years experience. We stick to what we know best.
  • Our public liability insurance whilst onsite is to the value of 1.5 million with Cornhill Insurance.
  • Value for Money.
  • Sit back and relax!

  In the first instance and for an immediate response to all enquiries please contact The Hindle Partnership by telephone.

Tel: (07958) 554614 and ask for Richard

*** SPECIAL NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Due to popular demand we currently only provide our services strictly in the West London area. ie. NORTH to Harrow, SOUTH to Teddington, IN to South Kensington, OUT to M25 ***

For non-urgent enquiries we can also be contacted as follows:

Mail: 15 Boston Vale, Hanwell, W7 2AP.



What are the range of services we offer?

  • We offer an all inclusive service from initial consultation through design and construction.
  • Steel work and floor structure to engineer's specification.
  • 'Dormer' structures and roof-work.
  • Mansards and crown roofs.
  • Fitted bathrooms
  • Full central heating including all necessary plumbing.
  • Full electrics on separate independent fuse board - lights, switches, sockets.
  • Windows including Velux.
  • All insulation, ventilation and plastering.
Client Testimonials  

The Hindle Partnership Ltd.  -  Quality Loft Conversions

1. Client testimonial kindly given by the Boxleys, Isleworth.

How did you hear about them ? 

The best way - Richard and Robert Hindle were recommended to us by friends whose loft they'd recently converted. We were very impressed so asked them to quote on our job.

What happened then ? 

Within days they'd given us a detailed costing, employed an architect and booked us in. (We did get another quote but it was higher). The architect was brilliant - came up with a very creative solution, which gave us maximum space and discussed everything with us.

What did you have done ? 

An existing 'home-made' loft room was demolished, a new staircase was put into match up with the first floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom were built into the roof, creating a split level 'apartment' for our two soon-to-be-teenage daughters.

How long did it take ? 

As promised - just eight weeks from start to finish - no delays, no excuses, no inconvenience - just like clockwork.

Wasn't there a lot of mess ? 

NO - none at all. Everything was done from the outside from a scaffolding platform and they only 'broke through' to put the staircase in two weeks from the end. Even though they didn't need to, they left everything tidy at the end of the day and even hoovered right down the through the stairs and hallway.

Nice people to do business with ? 

The best - If you have ever had people working in your house - as we have had several times - you'll know there can be plenty to wind you up; noise, mess, delay, days when no-one shows up, 'discussions' over money and so on. Richard and Robert are at the other end of the spectrum - no hassle.

Would you recommend them ? 

Just ask them to arrange for you to come and see the job they did for us - you won't need any more recommendation.

2. Client testimonial kindly given by the Long family Ealing W5

The Hindles seem to get their business only through word of mouth and that is how we heard of them, from a friend of a friend. We had looked at a number of other companies, including some big names, and although they mostly did a component job there was usually something to fault.
Sometimes it was the design, sometimes the carpentry was not right, or the plastering a bit rough, sometimes the people were a bit smarmy or pushy. We were therefore relieved to meet Richard Hindle who was calming and authoritative.

He listened well and had great patience. For example, he brought round his plumber to explain in great detail all the options we faced, the pros and cons of each and the likely costs. We were also impressed with the designer/draughtsman who drew up the plans. He was equally painstaking and good at giving advice. In fact, all the people they used (electrician, bricklayers, roofers, plasterer, etc.) were without exception easy to get on with as well as being good at their trades.

Our job was relatively complicated. A hip roof was removed, the gable built up with old bricks to match the existing and a mansard built. This gave us a shower room and a huge bedroom (we could have made the space into two rooms but liked the feeling of space). The Hindles made it all
look easy, we hardly noticed anything as the work was done from the outside and we were all set to complete in the scheduled time.

The best test of a company is to see how it performs in a crisis. On another job, Richard Hindle badly damaged his hand and was forbidden on doctor's orders to work for 6-8 weeks. As this was the height of summer with a number of jobs underway or due to start, this meant great pressure on Robert Hindle to run the workload of two people. Although this was a fraught time for them, we had only a slight delay in our work.

Another test is what happens when small things go wrong. We had days of torrential rain and twice some water came in on weekend evenings. Both times the Hindles responded immediately to calls on their mobiles and came round to fix the problem, climbing out on the rain lashed
scaffolding to fix the problem.

We highly recommend Richard and Robert Hindle and would be delighted to show their prospective customers the results of their work.

3. Bernard Avenue, Northfields - 14.08.01.

This September, it will be fours years since Richard and Robert completed our loft in Bernard Avenue off Northfields and for four years our twin boys, now 13 have had the benefit of a wonderfully comfortable extra room with en suite bathroom. It was Richard and Robert's first job on their own and looking back, we can honestly say that they were the best builders that we have had dealings with. Simply put, they were as good as their word. When Richard said the plasterer would arrive in two days, the plasterer arrived, so it was for the scaffolders, the electrician, the plumber and all the other associated workers. The loft was finished well before schedule and wev'e had absolutley no problems in the intervening years. We are grateful for the extra space created as well as not having to move! Theyv'e definitely maintained their standards too because at least 10 of our friends and acquaintancies have had their lofts finished. All tell the same story. Not only have they been pleased with the quality and the standard of the work, they have enjoyed the friendly and caring way the work has been completed. Half way through the loft conversion, I can remember Richard asking to tell him if we were not happy with any part of the work. This is typical of Richard and Robert. They care that you are happy with all aspects of the job. You may conclude that I cannot recommend the work of the Hindle Partnership too highly. We continue to be amazed that the previously dark and dirty space has been so successfully transformed and continues to provide such pleasure.

4. From Ellen and Max,

When we found out that Ellen was expecting a baby we only had a few choices - throw away years of Max's hoarded rubbish, move to a much larger house, live seperately or consider a loft conversion.

Because we were about to lose one income and have a newborn baby in the house we had serious concerns about the dust, inconvenience and costs caused by a loft conversion. We were relieved when Robert reassured us and told us that the mess would be minimal. We also had a very strict budget to adhere to and everyone was careful to respect this - our loft was completed within £500 of our original budget.

Partly because of budget constrictions but also because of the design - we
wanted to have a loft conversion that simply worked within the eaves and used Velux windows. The room is to eventually be used as an office and that meant sloping walls would look great and we were not overkeen on the look of dormers. Richard and Robert were happy to work within this request and did not try and change our minds for the sake of any extra revenue.

The work is now complete, the loft looks fantastic and has clearly given us a new lease of life in this house enabling us to change our old office/junk room into a nursery and use the new loft as the office (although Max already thinks that it is going to be his den for listening to music and having the boys round for a beer).

All of the work was carried out with little inconvenience to us - there was minimal mess and dust and both Hindle brothers were a pleasure to have around. Everybody that the Hindles brought into our home was very courteous and friendly as well as good at their job.

Our loft is now our favourite room, we were not ripped off, all of the work was completed to a very high standard and technical issues and advice were given to us in 'simple speak' - that even Ellen could understand. Our daughter Gracie enjoys watching the sunset from the windows in the loft (little does she know that we are already planning this room to be a childfree zone).

We have no hesitation at all in recommending the Hindle Partnership.

Useful Links when planning a loft conversion: You may find some of the sites listed below useful when planning a loft conversion. Please note that all sites are fully independent of the Hindle Partnership Ltd. : The Royal Institute of British Architects runs a helpful clients advisory service. : Independent financial advice online information on home improvement projects. :Information of the Velux window range. :Building advice on loft conversions. : Buy your home improvement products online at B&Q's website.

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